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Rita Getting Into the Tripawd Groove

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Rita really has adjusted well and fast…. I think it was mostly just adjusting to not having all that weight on her left side.   She is able to do everything she could before, I let her try what she wanted, I trusted she would know when she was ready….though I did the “mom gasping in fear”  thing many times watching her do some things.  She really did know when she was ready and able to do things, it’s impressive to see.  She is coming out of the getting sleepy so often.  She is doing so well and I smile every time I watch her in action.  We go for jogs not walks now and she looks soooo happy running, which she could not do with the fat leg.  My family even has said she looks happier now and has a twinkle in her eye.

I know she is 10 years old and that to some is “extremely senior”, which still offends me and her.  That may be really old for some dogs but 10 seems to be an age that varies greatly from dog to dog.  Rita still has all the life in her that she did when she was younger, just not a puppy stamina, that’s the only difference and an understandable one.  I work caring for dogs at a vet. office/ boarding kennel and I have seen 10 year old dogs that are extremely senior and others that have a lively young spirit in them still.

elevatedfeederThis is one of the two elevated feeder Rita’s daddy and I made for her.  It was easy and affordable.  And it’s personalized which, I enjoyed doing.  Just get 2 buckets, turn upside down cut a big enough hole out of the bottom to fit a bowl with a lip (which is obviously needed), put the bowl in and there it is.

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Rita’s Story Of Becoming a Tripawd

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Rita one week post surgery and very happy!


Her leg a few months before the surgery

At age 6 Rita started to get a fatty lipoma on her back left leg. She went to the vet. many times for it over the course of those years, because it kept getting bigger and bigger.  It would become dormant and then go through a growth spurt. It started small just below the back of her knee and later spread down to the ankle and up into the hip. No vet. ever suggested doing anything about it other than to just, “watch it”.  It got to the point that she could no longer bend the knee and had trouble walking with it. And it had grown to 24 inches around the widest point. I got a referral to a wonderful Vet. and he examined her and told me that it had grown up into her pelvic cavity and was pushing on her colon (which explained her chronic constipation issues that had been going on for a year)  and that the pressure of the lipoma was damaging her sciatic nerve as well (she had just started standing on her paw bent over without knowing it)  It was never going to stop growing and the leg would eventually just drag behind her. I had the decision to do nothing and have to put her down in about a year or have her leg and part of her pelvis amputated and extend her life for a few years…. I know Rita and she loves life and had  never let that fat leg stop her so, I knew she would want to keep living longer with one less leg. And that she would be a happy dog with only three legs. She had her surgery October 15th, 2009.  She can already do everything she did before but it’s  easier without that huge leg to haul around and get in the way.  She is very happy and still loves life, she is truly amazing, I am so proud of her.

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